Sunday, 25 September 2011

Coromandel Peninsula

More photos from the stunning Coromandel Peninsula.... and the end of our journey!!

Cathedral Cove

Catherdral Cove is one of my top places to visit! Its a bit tricky to get to, a long walk through rainforest, over cliffs and down 160 steps (yes I counted!) but it is well well worth it. Beautiful white sand, blue sea and waterfalls, I could have stayed there all day.... if only to not have to tackle the steps on the way back up!

Hot Water Beach

One of my new favourite places in the world, take me back there now!! Hot Water Beach is a stretch of beach where people go to dig their own hot tub right in the sand. We walked down in the dark, cut through a path that was lit up with gloworms. So gutted my camera couldn't pick them up, they were amazing! Took off our shoes, plodded along the sand feeling for a hot spot, then started digging. One of my favourite nights, we had such a laugh digging our hole and then chilling out under the stars. Right underneath the milky way, simply amazing.